Guaranteed Rant Topic

This post responds to an article I read in the New Zealand Herald about sex education. There are certain issues are guaranteed to get me going on a rant, and this is definitely one of them.

Parents should be the ones deciding when and what to teach their kids about sex ed, not schools or the government. Parents are better able to gauge whether their kids are ready or not whereas schools have to teach it anyway to keep with the curriculum.

What has happened to the responsibilities of parents in our society today? Discipline, sex ed, safety, and being a good role model seem to all be things that are being handed over to schools in various ways… and schools are in no way properly equipped to deal with these issues on a child by child basis which is what is needed.

Me: I grew up in a very sheltered home – we had no TV and my parents monitored our computer usage and social lives very carefully… there is absolutely no way I would have been prepared to learn about some of these topics as a five or six year old. Even as a child of eleven, I wondered why on earth I was learning these things in a roomful of other students who were too immature to take the knowledge seriously and apply it wisely.

If anything, I wonder whether schools should be teaching more of respect for your bodies rather than sex ed itself. Maybe there would be fewer teenage pregnancies as a result. Maybe we wouldn’t need the cervical cancer vaccine so much. Did anyone think of the possibility that educating our youth to respect themselves and others and change their attitudes towards sex would be a more effective (and cheaper) means of preventing all of the problems associated with promiscuity?

Those associated problems:

  • high school dropouts,
  • cervical cancer,
  • abortions,
  • sexually transmitted infections and diseases,
  • HIV and AIDS…
  • the list goes on.

And instead of inventing the pill, condoms, vaccines and all those other expensive treatments, how about the one preventative measure that is 100% guaranteed? Abstinence.