Author’s Bio

Olive is a freelance writer and editor on Elance and often describes herself as a freelance “dogsbody”, meaning she does pretty much anything from writing to editing to transcription and voice recording. She is passionate about arts and crafts and obsessed with writing her own creative pieces, even if they don’t always get finished when the work gets in the way.

Photo of Olive J, freelance writer and editor

A recent picture of Olive. © Olive J.

She has recently completed a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Math, with a Graduate Diploma in English and is currently searching for day jobs to pay the bills and freelancing the rest of the time. Her hobbies include painting, drawing, creative writing, knitting, cross stitch, hardanger, scrapbooking, card making, and many other crafts she hasn’t discovered yet. She also likes to cook colourful healthy dishes that she then inflicts upon her family when it is her turn to cook.

If you would like to contact Olive, feel free to message her here on LinkedIn.

Please note: all pictures placed on this blog are my own unless otherwise stated and sourced.


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