Three Good Reasons Not to Freelance

© Copyright 2013

© Copyright 2013

I must make a note to self it seems… I’m getting slack with my posts after just one week. I will blame it on the current upswing in the number of jobs I have and tell you a little bit about the freelancing life. I did make a note right at the start that I would share some of my own experiences and I guess now is that time – to share a little about some of the absolute trials of my current professional situation and some of the reasons I only work part-time.

The Sine Curve of Fortune

I’m sure you all know about the sine curve? If you don’t, it’s really just a continuous wave that rises above and falls below the horizontal axis on a graph. Rise up, fall below, rise up, fall below. It rises and falls an equal amount each time – never changes, remains constant. But how does this relate to freelancing? The sine curve of fortune as I call it, being from a math background, really just relates to the good times and the hard times.

As a freelancer, it is inevitable that there are times when you will have plenty of work and times when there really isn’t much at all. I’ve been on the low curve of the sine wave for the last month or so with exams and assignments due for university, but now that I am finished with all that (Yippee!), my sine curve has started to rise above that all-important horizontal axis once more. Continue reading