Three Excellent Reasons For Freelancing

 In the aid of fairness and all that, the other day I talked about three reasons not to freelance. So today I’ve decided to talk about three reasons for freelancing. Why? Because, in spite of all my grumbles and complaints about unfairness and poor pay checks, I actually really love what I’m doing here.

Sure, it’s not as profitable as an “ordinary” job so far, but I know that I could never be happy in a retail customer service role; I could never be happy repeating the same year, the same month, the same week, the same day, over and over again, year in and year out at an ordinary job. I know what they all say about every day being slightly different and having different challenges but to me, it’s still too similar.

I love a good challenge. I need a good challenge. And freelance writing is that challenge. I’m honing my customer service and public relations skills, I’m learning about financing and invoices, I’ve increased my typing speed from 50 wpm to 60 wpm in 6 months… the list goes on of all these little things I’ve achieved that I never thought I could so. It’s been a real confidence booster for me but that’s just a bonus.

Here are the real reasons freelance work appeals to me: Continue reading